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How does a photovoltaic system work in a community of neighbours?

Photovoltaic panels

These panels capture solar energy and convert it into direct current electricity.


Microinverters are placed under each panel and independently convert direct current into alternating current to boost each panel’s performance.

New metre

The metre we install keeps track of energy generated and feeds it directly into the shared electricity grid.

Metres according to dwelling

Metres placed in each house count the energy consumed per floor per hour in order to subtract the energy consumed by each neighbour from the energy generated by the photovoltaic system.

If during any period there is a surplus, it will be reimbursed by your provider as a deduction from your electricity bill.


Our optional monitoring system sends system and energy generation information to our Control Centre as well as the mobile phone of the person responsible within the building.

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No initial investment



The owner of the solar photovoltaic installation on a residential building is the building association itself, which normally uses a jointly owned rooftop for the installation of the photovoltaic panels.

The installation can be used by those neighbors who want to participate in the project individually for their own electricity bill and, optionally, for the common services of the building (elevator, staircase lights, etc.).

Any neighbor can participate or leave the project during the lifetime of the installation. In ACCIONA Energía we have foreseen the legal way to speed up the process and not to have to hold subsequent neighborhood residents’ meetings.

The shared solar project is approved by a simple majority, no qualified majorities are necessary.

It is not necessary to make any investment on the part of the owners since we give the opportunity of financing. In addition, with the savings on the electricity bill, the installation is amortized in a few years.

Municipal IBI subsidies*, state personal income tax deductions according to Royal Decree-Law 19/2021 and Next Generation Funds can be obtained. Some subsidies may even apply to dissenting neighbors (those who participate only at the community level).

*In some municipalities it is required to use a percentage of the installation for the electricity consumption of shared areas to obtain the IBI rebate for all neighbors..

The neighbors who participate increase their coefficient and community expenses proportionally to their participation in the installation, which will be absorbed by the savings in the electricity bill. The community pays its proportional part with the savings achieved.


Custom-made design

We assess the roof and create solutions that are perfect for your block of flats or community.


We handle confusing paperwork and bureaucracy, and also advise the group on how to apply for grants available depending on where you live.


With our own in-house team of expert installers we ensure that all quality and safety standards are met.


Take charge of the community’s solar energy production through our app.

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