Aerothermal systems for cooling and heating

A renewable, sustainable and economical solution

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What are the advantages of aerothermal energy?

Cut costs

This system is 4 times more efficient than gas.


No direct CO2 emissions or fossil fuels.


No gas tanks, gas connections or other hazardous substances.


Adapt your current system at home and save on installation.


Adjust the system from your mobile phone, in real time, anywhere.


As a renewable energy source, aerothermal energy is unlimited and costs nothing.

How does aerothermal energy work?

Heat pump

The heat pump absorbs thermal energy from the surrounding air, no matter how cold the weather is, and increases or decreases its temperature to heat or cool your home.

Hot water storage

This hot water storage tank is installed indoors to cover spikes in hot water demand.

Domestic hot water (DHW)

In addition to providing water as hot as 75 ºC, your DHW supply can be increased by 50%.

Heating and cooling

Solar energy is captured and converted into direct current electricity.

Unified network

All equipment installed is joined to an interface that coordinates their activity, allowing the system to run smoothing.


Our touchscreen device allows you to take full control of your aerothermal system. When you’re not at home, the ACCIONA Energía mobile app gives you the same ability to adjust and oversee your system from anywhere in the world.


Personalised assessments

We carry out individualised assessments to evaluate the space, layout and needs of your home.


We manage all administrative and bureaucratic procedures, including permits, procedures with your energy company, government subsidies, and financing.


With our own in-house team of expert installers, we can assure the job is done quickly and according to the highest standards of quality.


We offer an annual preventive maintenance service, so that your system continues running smoothly in perfect condition.

What makes aerothermal systems different from those of the past?

Aerothermal Systems

Perfect heating using hot water, ideal for underfloor heating or traditional radiators.

Perfect cooling using cold water, working with underfloor heating or fan coils.

Enjoy Domestic Hot Water through solar power straight from the tap.

Switch to renewable energy! Aerothermal systems rely on 80% ambient air and only 20% electricity.


A boiler only provides heating and hot water.

It is limited to underfloor heating or radiators.

A boiler relies on gas or diesel, which is not only more expensive, but also harms the environment.

Air conditioning and heating

Heating and cooling based on air alone.

Complete dependence on electricity.

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